We provide service for every aspect of your home's chimney, from cleaning and inspecting, to repairing and rebuilding.


Your chimney is an essential heating source for your entire home, which requires routine maintenance. Properly cleaning your chimney annually is an easy and necessary way to protect your home from fire damage and exposure to harmful gases. Build up inside of chimneys can be highly flammable and can also result in costly repairs if not regularly cleaned. 

Tidewater Chimney Sweeps are able to address all your chimney maintenance, repairs, or inspections at reasonable rates. We also repair and replace refractory panels, and can install custom chase covers to replace those old rusted ones. We always use vacuums designed specifically for chimney cleaning, rather than "shop vacs" which are not designed for controlling dust. The optimal function of your heating and venting system is always our top priority.

We pride ourselves in being safe, thorough and providing excellent service that keeps our customers coming back year after year.